Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Months

We have now hit the double digits...oh my goodness! I know I say this every month but this past month has been my favorite so far! His little personality just shines through every day. Alex and I love playing with him.

Nathan, this is what you have been up to this month:

  • You weigh around 19 pounds (I'm guessing)
  • You are wearing 9-12 month clothing
  • You are still wearing a size 3 diaper
  • You wear a size 2-3 size shoe (you have tiny feet!)
  • You are such a good little eater. The transition to formula has gone way better than I could of ever expected. You love your bottle!
  • You take about 5-7 ounces of formula about 3-4 times a day.
  • You are eating 3 additional meals plus snacks. You are still eating baby food but eat a lot of table food. You are almost to the point of no longer liking your baby food.
  • You are still taking 2 naps every day. 
  • You are everywhere! You crawl all over the house and pull-up on anything and everything. 
  • You are getting so good at holding on to things and walking. You love to walk around the coffee table and you do it over and over. 
  • You are so smart. I can ask you "Where is your head?" and you will put your hand on top of your head.
  • You know the sign for "all done" but I don't think you know what it means just yet but you can do the sign when I ask you!
  • You just learned how to clap your hands and I love it!! You get so excited
  • You also have learned how to climb the stairs. You are a fast little booger, too. We have to always have the baby gate up or you will constantly be on the stairs. 
  • I think your first word is "light". We can ask you where the light is and you will point to it and say "ight"! 
  • You have a little bit of separation anxiety. You get upset when mommy leaves you in the nursery but you are getting better!
  • You spent your first night(s) away from home! You stayed 3 nights by yourself at Nonny and Pops' house! You did great!
  • You still LOVE being outside. You especially love watching daddy and CeCe play frisbee. 
  • You love throwing the ball and have gotten quiet good at it too! Daddy especially loves that you seem to throw better left-handed.
  • You also love to play ball and rope with CeCe. You know which toys are hers and will throw them for her. 
  • You busted your lip for the first time. You were holding on to the coffee table and CeCe ran by you and knocked you over. You hit your lip on the table and bled for a little bit. But once daddy took you outside, you were all better!
  • You are such a happy and content little boy!
I can't believe we are only 2 months away from celebrating your 1st birthday!! It will be a bittersweet day for mommy and daddy but it will be a joyous one! We love you stinker!!

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  1. What a sweet boy he is! I saw him in the nursery Sunday when I went in to change Travis and he was just as content as can be. Sitting and taking in all around him. :)